Theorists who believe in the Ancient Astronaut sometimes also believe that Humanity was created, or bred, to be subservient to some master race. This theory, at first, holds little grounds, and in fact defies the concept of genetic drift, adaptation, and cultural independence.

My humble opinion is that we should attempt to understand the concept first. Many believe that we were bred, to serve the Annunaki, who were extra-terrestrial beings who came to Earth in early history (and posed as gods; thus the word Annunaki, which were the gods of the Sumerian City-states), and commanded us to mine gold for them.

However, a few good questions remain. Most importantly, where did the Annunaki go? Once you have an asset, and an asset so powerful as religious control of a people, and to combine that with technological superiority, it shouldn’t have been hard for them to remain in power over us for millennia, and then to exterminate us when we became rebellious.

Indeed, that begs a bigger question. Why would superior Alien beings bother to inter-breed or Hybridize, unless it was a part of a program of Colonization (to speed up adaptation). Indeed, if they were after some resource on our planet, and came from another solar system, the would have had more than enough power to annihilate us…and it should have been quite easy.

Logic quickly fades away these thoughts, and I come to think that we aren’t descendants of Aliens… less their motives are far more complex than we can imagine.