The question “What is a ghost?” has been asked by millions of people for thousands of years. Every culture across the planet views ghosts differently. Some believe that ghosts are evil spirits that should be feared, while others believe that ghosts are here to help and protect the living.

Ghosts are generally thought of as the apparition ( the appearance of) or spirit of someone or some thing that is no longer living. Many theorize that a ghost is simply caught between the world of the living and the afterlife. Possibly confused about their own death. This is why many people believe that ghosts are often found in places of terrible tragedy and sudden death.

Other theories regard ghosts as just another form of energy. We are all made up of energy. Some scientists believe that energy doesn’t die, but simply changes form. Ghosts could be the same energy in a new form, without a physical body. Another theory is that ghosts are only imprints left on the atmosphere around us by what some call our “life force”.

Although there may be no definite explanation for what a ghost is, it is hard to deny that there is definitely something about them that has captured the minds of millions. With thousands of reported sightings and encounters for centuries, it is also hard to deny that ghosts just might be real. The thought of a ghost being real is scary to some and fascinating to others. Can they see us? Do they hear us when we speak?

There are different types of ghosts that people have reported encounters with as well. History will tell us that not all ghosts are considered friendly and some actually create feelings of sadness and terror.

A poltergeist is said to be one form of a ghost that is reported to move objects and make noises to let it’s presence be known. Poltergeists are often regarded as bad or evil spirits and are sometimes even associated with demons. A poltergeist is said to sometimes center around one person in a household. This person is usually someone who may be suffering from some form of emotional turmoil or change. Adolescents are often associated with this type of ghost.

Demons are often referred to as ghosts, but are theorized by many to be a completely different thing. Demons are most commonly believed to be fallen angels or forces of pure evil. Some believe that there are two basic forces that hold our world into place. One being in the form of goodness and purity, while the other takes the form of absolute darkness and evil. Demons are believed by some to a manifestation of that influence. They are also believed to have the power to inhabit the bodies of humans or animals.

Apparitions are the most common type of ghost and involve the appearance or sighting of someone that is no longer living. Apparitions can be full body or partial in appearance. Some apparitions are said to appear only in places that were familiar to them in life, while others remain a mystery. Some say that this type of ghost can appear to relatives or loved ones and have been said to warn of imminent danger.

There are many other types of ghosts and paranormal activity and the best way to get the answers that you may be seeking is to do some investigating of your own. Research and theorize for yourself. “What is a ghost?” just might be a question that can never be completely answered. People will continue to investigate and theorize, but we may not get the answer to this age old question until we become ghosts ourselves.